Aerospace Materials for Coatings and Specialty Pigments

Aerospace materials for coatings and specialty pigments from BASF can decrease the downtime during airframe overhauls as well as increase the lifespan of your coatings. Fast curing chemical maskant, chrome-free corrosion protection, traditional pigments as well as heat management pigments are but a few examples of BASF's broad coatings and pigments portfolio.

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Specialty Pigments

Effect Pigments — Cabin Interior
Mirror, liquid metal and specialty finishes offer high degrees of freedom for cabin interior design


Effect Pigments — Exterior
With dramatic color effects, high reflectivity and unique finishes, brand differentiation is easy with BASF Effect pigments


High Performance Pigments
BASF comprehensive pigment portfolio covers a wide circle of colors with superb hiding power — key to the aerospace industry: Thin lightweight yet durable coatings are possible.


Pigment Viewer
Shortening the development cycle gives you the economic advantage: Choosing the right colors for a given application without doubts or error will do just that.

Heat Management

Cool Pigments for Paints and Coatings
Heat build-up is caused by surface absorption of IR radiation. With BASF IR transparent and IR reflective pigments, the heating of particularly dark surfaces can be greatly mitigated and significant energy savings realized.


Cool Pigments for Plastics
Reduced heat build-up and increased IR reflection are the keys to keeping your environment cool and energy consumption low


Tinuvin® CarboProtect®  Advanced UV Absorber Technology
UV Protection for composite materials providing unmatched photo-oxidative stability.