Aerospace Materials for Flame Retardants and Fire Protection

Aerospace materials for flame retardants & fire protection can be customized or fully formulated according to your particular fire protection needs inside the airframe. Halogen free tailored solutions mean BASF. Let BASF's years of experience in prevention of fire propagation (e.g. along cables) assist you.

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Fuel Tank Inerting System

Deoxo®  Fuel Tank Inerting System (FTIS)/On-Board Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) — Catalytic Ozone Converter
Protect your air separation membrane from degradation with FTIS/OBIGGS.

Halogen Free Flame Retardants

Melapur®  Flame Retardants
All Melapur flame retardants are free of halogens, antimony or any other heavy metals and can be used alone or synergistically

Fire Protection Products

Fire Extinguishing Agents
A comprehensive product range of agents against class A, B and D fires