Aerospace Materials for Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Aerospace materials for fuel and lubricant solutions are key for formulating high performance fuels and lubricants for today's commercial and military aviation industries.

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Jet Fuel Additives

Corrosive sludge and gum build-up in airplane engines can be avoided as fuel oxidation and breakdown are prevented with Kerobit®  TP


Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)
Water finds its way into small aircraft fuel causing dangerous ice crystal formation. Kerofluid®  depresses the freezing point of water and mitigates issues resulting from ice formation


Water Scavenger Additive
Kerojet®  Aquarius encapsulates water naturally present in fuel by forming a molecular "cage" or micelle structure around the water molecules rendering them physically and chemically inert


Thermal Stability Additive (TSA)
Sustained engine power levels and reduced afterburner malfunctions can be achieved with Kerojet®  100


Metal Deactivator
Breakdown and oxidation of fuels and lubricants are often promoted by trace metals, such as copper, but not when Keromet®  MD 100 is in use

Lubricant Base Stocks

Synative  Synthetic Lubricant Base Stocks
Provides exceptional thermal/oxidative stabilities, low viscosity profiles at low volatilities and high flash points to turbine lubricant and synthetic grease formulations

Lubricant Additives

Antioxidant for Synthetic Lubricants
Irganox®  antioxidants help extend the life of turbine engine lubricants by providing oxidation resistance resulting in stable viscosity and reduced deposits at high temperature