Aerospace Materials for Structural Materials

Aerospace materials for structural applications enable light-weighting of designs without compromising the integrity of the parts. BASF's broad portfolio of structural materials provides solutions such as impact resistant, high temperature panels and foams which are non-delaminating, fire-resistant and recyclable. BASF also has quick curing epoxy products which can address noise and vibration, as well as high strength concrete systems for runways.

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High Temperature Thermoplastics & Composites

Divinycell®  F by Diab
Lightweight core materials made from Ultrason®  an alternative to honeycomb


Ultrason® Semi-Finished Products
Non-delaminating sheets, reinforced thermoplastic laminates (RTL) and unidirectional (UD) tapes

Polyurethane (PU) Applications

Structural Foam and Load Bearing Floors
Robust PU-chemistry can help reduce weight while maintaining structural strength and integrity


Ultrason® E 2020 P, P SR and P SR Micro
Amorphous high-performance thermoplastics, functioning as heat-resistant impact modifiers in thermoset resins and composites

Composite Protection

Tinuvin®  CarboProtect®  Advanced UV Absorber Technology
Unmatched photo-oxidative stability enables thinner, more durable and transparent coating

Powder Injection Molding

Catamold®  Metal/Ceramic Injection Molding
Economical fabrication of highly complex ceramic and metal parts to near net shape

Runway Materials & Solutions

Concrete Additives
Resistant to aviation fuels and deicing fluids, our high load systems provide quick early strength


Formic acid for deicing
Potassium formate, a salt of formic acid, removes ice from runways, roadways, bridges, parking garages and other commercial structures with minimal corrosion and impact on the ecology. Formate deicers have among the lowest chemical oxygen demand making them the efficient and responsible choice for ice control.

Lightweight Composite Panels

Ultrason® All Thermoplastic Panel
Recyclable alternative to honeycomb core panels providing weight, time, and labor savings. FST & OSU Compliant


Ultrason® Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminate
Recyclable alternative to phenolic prepreg providing production effiecency, time, and labor savings. FST & OSU Compliant.